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9 reasons every business needs a website


  1. You are listed in the Yellow pages because you want to be found by prospective clients, right? People are increasingly looking on the Internet to find suppliers of quality products & services. If you’re not there you will miss out (& you can say so much more on a website).
  2. Expand your customer base. The Internet gives you access to customers in ALL demographic and geographic areas. Your marketing dollar will give you much greater potential coverage.
  3. Initiate dialogue. Give away some information for free, people will learn to trust you, and then they will talk to you about your product or service.
  4. Credibility. Establish your reputation; define your image.
  5. Disseminate information. Do you have Shareholders, Bankers, Investors, Stakeholders? A website is a great way to get detailed info to specific groups.
  6. e-Processes. Save yourself some money. People can book appointments, schedule deliveries, etc online. A website is also a great way to transmit information at very little cost. Information like: timetables; price lists; financial reports; e-books; CAD drawings; specifications etc
  7. e-Business. If you have retail goods you can sell them online - all over the world, any time day or night.
  8. The Internet is on 24 hours, 7 days a week. That means that your business is advertising 24/7. Think how cost effective that would be.
  9. Enhance your existing marketing and sales campaigns. You could attract customers with online competitions; interactive questionnaires, etc

We were recently asked: "What if a website is not making money? Does a business still need one? Isn't that a waste of money?

The reply was:
Not all our customers require their websites to make money - some have different objectives for their site :- e.g. enhancing their business processes; brand/image building; communication with their suppliers etc.

Regardless of the objective, there should always be a measurable return on investment.

Money is only wasted when the measured return doesn't achieved target.
That is usually caused by one of:

  • The structure, design &/or content of the website
  • Ineffective promotional activates surrounding the website
  • The entire business model.

This doesn't mean that the business shouldn't have a website, just that it should be executed better.

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Article by Barry Ekins of Webdzinz Limited, www.webdzinz.co.nz