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Website Upgrades

  • Are you happy with your website?
  • Is it tired or out of date?
  • Is it complicated or difficult to use?
  • Is it customer focused?
  • We can help - call now.

A professionally designed website adds credibility to your business and can improve your profitability, but a poorly designed site reflects poorly on your reputation and that can cost you money.

Your site needs to be customer focused and enhance your public image. It needs to capture attention, be simple, interactive and easy to use. For only $150.00 + GST we will provide you with a comprehensive (20 point) independent evaluation.

We encourage you to think of this evaluation as a Warrant of Fitness for your website because when complete you will have a checklist of essential components for your site and, where appropriate, suggestions for improvement.

And after we've performed an evaluation of your site we will be happy to put together an upgrade proposal so that your site will benefits from any improvements that we've identified.

Ongoing review

Technology and design are continually evolving.  What works today may not be the best solution for tomorrow. Once built, a website should continue to evolve through regular review and upgrades.  It is important that you make provision for ongoing development.

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