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Search Engine Optimisation

Now that you have a website, we need to make it easy for the world to find you.

First you need to make your website "Search Engine Friendly" (optimising it ) or you have wasted all your time, effort & money.

Webdzinz Limited automatically includes optimisation in the design & development of new websites (optimisation up to Level One).


Some other SEO Companies offer Guarantees, Webdzinz DOESN"T and here's why: - there are factors that are beyond anyone's control:

  • Google's search ranking algorithm is constantly evolving & they don't publish it
  • Your competitors may also be undertaking SEO & we have no control over what they are doing.

Optimisation costs:

There are four levels of optimisation and each has it's own cost structure.  Please contact us for full details.

Some examples of websites that we have optimised:
(as at August 2011)

Keyword PhraseRankingTotal NZWebsite
Wedding Dresses 1 49.1 Mil www.bridescorner.co.nz
Fresh Salads 1 2.7 Mil www.countrygreen.co.nz
Danish Oil 2 2.0 Mil www.naturaloils.co.nz
Critical website factors 3 85.1 Mil www.webdzinz.co.nz
Environmentally friendly oils 3 37.7 Mil www.naturaloils.co.nz
Home Alarms 3 23.6 Mil www.alarmlock.co.nz
Howick 3 3.2 Mil www.howickvillage.co.nz
Acrylic 3 1.6 Mil www.anythingacrylic.co.nz
Air Conditioners 4 25.7 Mil www.aar.co.nz
House Alarms 4 1.8 Mil www.alarmlock.co.nz
Indoor Netball 4 1.6 Mil www.indoorsportssl.co.nz
Performance Auto Parts 5 106.0 Mil www.dynamicraceparts.com
Flagpole 5 8.8 Mil www.4poles.co.nz
Indoor Cricket 6 2.3 Mil www.indoorsportssl.co.nz
Floor Cleaning 7 941.0 Thou www.allseasonscleaning.co.nz
Concrete Scrubbing 7 1.4 Mil www.supremeclean.co.nz
Organic Fertiliser 9 19.1 Thou www.revitalfert.co.nz

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