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A privately maintained computer network that can be accessed only by authorised persons, especially employees or franchisees of the organisation that owns it. Once logged in people can access, use or download documents or take part in discussions over a wide range of subjects.


  • A central password protected repository for storage of documents that need to be accessible to a specific number of people.
  • Users have individual passwords. Their permission to view/download documents will depend on the Category in which the documents have been are placed by the Administrator.
  • One controlling Administrator who is the only person with rights to add/remove and to categorise documents and who is also the password administrator.
  • The Intranet can store files that are: ZIP, DOC, XLS, PPT, PUB, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG.
  • Forum - where authorised users can engage in discussions on topics that are of interest to the entire group.
  • The Administrator will be able to instantly update the content of your Intranet Website through our Content Management System (CMS). A Manual & Tuition plus Telephone support is included.


  • Customised website graphic design that is exclusively yours
  • CMS Administration System & Data base incl Password Management System
  • CMS Manual, tuition, telephone support
  • Login Page
  • Downloadable Documents Library
  • Users Forum

Requirements depend on the complexity and functionality of your website.

We have a variety of hosting plans available. For more information see our website Hosting Page

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